Gintarė Roličiūtė

I'm a registered  adult clinical psycholologist, a member of the Lithuanian Psychological Association. I have aquired my Bachelor's degree in Lithuania, Kaunas at Vytautas Magnus University. After graduating I have left my country and moved to Italy where after few years of work and travel I have learned italian and entered Sigmund Freud  Privat University to study Master's degree studies in adult clinical psychology.

After my degree I have started research internship at  University of Milano-Bicocca where I worked on topic of Online therapy and Use of Virtual reality in psychotherapy. This experience encouraged me to start providing my services online to support people all over the World.

 Embracing new technology enables me to reach more people and I find it incredibly rewarding to be able to help people overseas who are struggling to find mental health services locally. As long as your internet connection is stable we can connect with each other and you can get the support you need.

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International studies, broad experience in various areas in psychology

I have been fortunate enough to have a chance to study psychology in four different countries with dozens of acknowledged professors from all over the world.

I strongly believe that psychologist must be open-minded, culturally experienced intelectual. For this I have always prioritized not only learning about the world and human mind from books, manuals and lectures, but also tried  making friends, living and traveling around the world with the objective of seeing different facets of humanity.

My journey to human mind started in teenage years when I started studying popular psychology books which for some unknown reason were quoting Bible and later I have a chance to join a Bible study group newly organised in my town. Although the mentality of the members of the group was very dogmatic and rigit, the questions poned by me they where answering with another scriputes of The Bible, the overall experience was very positive.. Now, as more than the decade of experience and science studies have passed I can tell that this experience was not only culturally fulfilling but also mesmerizing as a great number of wisdom of Bible has been aproved by everdeveloping scientific literature.

Although I liked the Biblical approach I have decided to choose more sciencific (empirical) path with the hope maybe one day becoming biblical counsellor.

With the years of studies and experience my mind opened more and more and I understood how complex human behaviour and reasoning is. And although high way might be the best option - humans still choose their own ways of thinking and behaving and need a guidance to figure out the way by themselves, otherwise even best advice will not work.

The enriched experience, personal observation and analysis of scientific research over years opend my mind to see the psychological processes as a cause-and-effect sequence. This experience helped me to develop more understanding, empathetic approach towards my clients. 

Although in practice I trust in the Cognitive Behavioural aproach principals, during internship in center of psychodinamic approach psychotherapy I developed the insights that some degree of deeper introspection is neccesary in therapy to fully realize the impact of past events on current paradigm, usually manifesting as in literature widely discribed psychological defence mechanisms.

Like this I created personalised approach incorporating CBT, Psychodinamic and ACT principles which I use in the frame of the brief solution focused psychological counselling. This method helps clients based on their strenths and positive past experiences approach and effectively deal with the obstacles, figure out limiting beliefs and get clear real intentions.


2021- Present

Post graduate Internship in Clinical Psychology.

La Scuola di Formazione in Psicoterapia Transpersonale

gestita da Integral Transpersonal Institut. Milan, Italy


Post graduate internship in research field. University of Milan-Bicocca. Milan, Italy


Master's degree in clinical psychology, SFU - Sigmund Freud University Milano, Private university. Milan, Italy


Study period at headquaters of university in Vienna, Sigmund Freud Privat University Vienna. Vienna, Austria


Erasmus study exchange programme in field of psychology, Warsaw University. Warsaw, Poland


Bachelor's degree in Psychology, Vytautas Magnus University, State University. Kaunas, Lithuania


Pre graduate Internship in psychoanalitic school and clinical center Ruolo terapeutico Srl. Milan, Italy